Six ways to talk your way out of the panties


As a young man growing up there have been several different cliches that I’ve heard. Today I’m gonna talk about one of my favorites. Have you ever heard someone mention

Yo I had this shorty over to the crib I threw on some 12 play cause I figure I’m bout to get up in these guts right but we get to politicking… She start asking me a bunch of personal questions so you know me I’m a “G” nigga I keep it 100! Next thing I know shorty putting her clothes back on and she left me standing there in my speedo with a hard ass dick! I couldn’t believe this shit man I done talked my way out of the panties. WOW!!!

For those of you that are least reading and agreeing with this scenario I’m going to give you the dont’s for talking your way out of the panties. You truly have to be a mindless screw  up to talk oneself out of the panties.
The dont’s for talking oneself out of the panties is: you ran your mouth so much that the girl / woman (got sick and tired of either hearing you complain, talk continuously about yourself, run your mouth about absolutely nothing, or you were just that damn agitating)

Moral to this post… If you one of those dudes that can’t keep his mouth shut long enuff to secure the panties for at least one night maybe you should invest in a product called dry mouth cause you talk to damn much.

My advice keep your damn mouth shut. Let her do most the talking. A woman appreciates a good listener. Find out what’s on her mind. Listen to what happened during her day. There’s no need to bore her with your war stories you already know what happened you was there fool.

ROFLMFAO Despicable Me


Pappy’s got a baby girl


Anuva ghetto shing ding written by: Despicable Me

Pappy’s got a baby girl and her skin is golden brown
Pappy’s got a baby girl and she lives on the other side of town

Pappy’s baby girl is smart
Pappy’s baby girl is tall
Pappy’s baby girl is his world
But Pappy isn’t really a happy at all

Why does Pappy feel this this way Is it because his baby girl is on the other side of town
Is it because his baby girl is living her life
Or is it because Pappy ain’t his baby girl’s life

Pappy Pappy Pappy his eyes have watered  for 10 long years

Pappy Pappy Pappy has cried and cried cried out all of these tears
But Pappy seeks a way to love her and Pappy going to find it
So baby girl if this Poem was  a song  id  pray you’d push play and then rewind it.

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Time is precious

Life is too short remember it’s not how you run the race or whether you win or lose its all about how you finish the race. Be a strong closer value your time here while your here cause when your home you can’t get it back.

There’s a little girl somewhere growing up without her dad in her life. She deserves more than just having a token father. She knows her father and she lives him but distance and finances leave them world’s apart. Her father loves her more than life itself. Every single day struggles with guilt of abandonment. He wishes he could somehow magically defy the laws of time travel and will his body to the eastern shore to be with her. She’s his everything, she’s his will to live. I want you guys to pray for these two individuals please. Pray that the good Lord makes a way for them to be together please. She deserves to have her father in her life and he deserves to be more than a telephone father. Time is of the essence. He’s already missed out on watching on daughter grow up pray that he find a way to get back into his youngest daughter’s life before it’s too late.

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Walls closing in around me


Food for thought an original poem from the tainted mind of despicable me

It’s getting harder and harder to breathe,
  I feel like the walls closing in around me.
What is this feeling,
I believe it’s called fear.
All alone all by myself,
And no one else is near.
The walls are closing in around me, why do I feel this way?
In a city way different from home,
I am homesick, should I returned to my place of birth right now.
I feel like nothing right now,
I don’t know my worth.
RightNow I need you by my side right now I struggle Lord.
RightNow I need a weapon.
My choice  a double edge sword. I’ve heard that the Bible is a weapon I’ve heard it can protect your heart mind and soul.
And it’s a damn shame I had to learn this at 42 years old!
Oh Lord can you protect me?
Oh Lord please hear my cries,
Oh Lord can you walk with me Dear Lord cause I really don’t want to die.
Dear Lord these walls are covered with sins above and beyond,
The devil was quite busy trying to do me bodily harm.
But I’m going to pray every day and night till I can get an answer.
And Lord please open up this door cuz these walls closing around me,
I continued to pay both night and day Amen thank God you found me!!!

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Gimme got shot mf’er


Black folk always tryn 2 sounds smarter then what they really is you made up that damn words "opportunistic "

Now I know that what I’m about to tell you should not even bother me but the way the situation happens is eating all of the dog crap out of me! Check this out, this is a fine example of an opportunistic bitch. I’d like to call this post “Gimme got shot mother fucker” I seen my neighbors across the street smoking on a cigarette. So I walk across the street and I ask my neighbor could I by a loose cigarette. My neighbor being a female… Hold up now let me expound on the definition of my neighbor for a second. My neighbor being an ex crackhead bout 300 and fifty pounds looking like a fat ass tub of lard, opportunistic hand out, give me got shot tight Krakk ass bitch! Well anyway I ask her does she have a cigarette for sale and she says she doesn’t. So as I’m about to leave she looks to her left and ask the man sitting next to her why doesn’t he sell me a cigarette. So he stands up and pulls out a cigarette from out of his pocket and gives it to me. In return I hand him the 50 cents for the cigarette. As I’m about to turn around and leave he stops me and hands me back the 50 cents. I asked him are you sure, and he says it’s okay take the cigarettes I don’t need to change I’m fine. Now before I can take one more step and put the $0.50 back into my pocket this fat ass 350 pound X crackhead, opportunistic black bitch yells out… Now I know that What I’m about to tell you should not even bother me But The way the situation happen its eating all of the dog crap out of me! Check this out, This Is a fine example Of an opportunistic bitch. I would like to call This post Gimme got shot mother fucker! My x crack head neighbor might be crack free but she still acts like a crack head on E addiction because she had the audacity to ask me for the $.50 Sense The guy Didn’t take the 50 cent. Her excuse was there was no need in letting two quarters go too waste. At this point I was completely blown. I simply dig in my pocket and dropped the change on the porch as I walked away I was shaking my head.

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The last days… So what’s next

tsunamiThis world is truly fucked up. For the last 25 years I’ve been hearing reading and observing us as a people us as a nation living in the last days. This world has gone to hell. I truly believe that we are living in hell! There’s no doubt in my mind that this planet has turned to hell on earth. The reason I say this is because there’s too much stuff going on for this not to be hell. And the Bible it states god made man and woman was created from a rib thus woman was created as Man’s companion. It says nothing about man being created as Man companion or woman being created as woman’s companion. Now with the legalization of same sex marriage its ok socially ok for man to marry man and woman to marry woman. When that law passed making it legal for same sex marriages to exist I knew this definitely was a sign of the times of the last days. Now what in the hell are all these trans gender creations? That’s not normal. It’s not normal for a man to change himself but still be legally a man with breast and working male organs. What’s going on? Ok so we’re living in the last days what’s next? This earth is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah! In the Bible Sodom and Gomorrah was royally truly fucked up. For the last 25 years I’ve been hearing reading and observing us as the people us as a nation living in the last day. This world has gone to hell. I truly believe that we are living in hell! There’s no doubt in my mind that is planet has turned to hell on earth. The reason I say this is because there’s too much self and discuss going on. God never intended for this planet should be inhabited this way. I believe he’s going to clean it up I’m not sure how it’s going to happen but I know two things for certain one thing for sure it’s going to happen it’s going to happen it’s going to happen. If you have any idea any thoughts comments on how these events are going to take place feel free to express them.

These expressions are totally biased I have nothing against lesbians or gay couples.

Who has the best mobile data plan?

recyclephones3Entire lives are lived on cell phones now days and my question to you is who has the best mobile data plan? I’ve used just about every pre paid carrier from Verizon to Sprint AT&T  Virgin Mobile Boost Mobile Cricket Net10 Tracphone I’ve even had an Obama phone.  But my problem is I’m running out of data. Who do you recommend?